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  • Romantic Honeymoon – Kerala Trip

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat - Kerala Honeymoon Packages
    3 Nights |4 Days

    Kerala Honeymoon Packages are magnetic. They simply create an indulgence that has no parallels. Be yourself by discovering the mesmerising beauty of two great locations God has specially created keeping in mind the discerning honeymoon couples. Lush green tea gardens and the beauty of the natural waters spruce up your ideal Kerala Honeymoon package. Talk to the greens, savour the local life, and watch the houseboats kissing the pristine waters as they pep up the bonding spirit in you. Kerala honeymoon packages are memories treasured for life. Spare no chance to enjoy one.

    INR 18000 per couple Only
  • Awesome Kerala

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Kumarakom Houseboat | 1 Night Alleppey - Kerala Honeymoon Holiday
    4 Nights |5 Days

    Kerala Honeymoon packages are special and enchanting, that leave a mark of nostalgia for a life time. God’s own country has always been the panacea to beat all odds, to drag one to bouts of enjoyment. Experience the charm of a hill station set amidst greenery that is hard to describe, experience the real blend of water and nature in two distinct locations that compete against themselves, all rolled into a unique Kerala Honeymoon package. Relax, enjoy and savour the spirit of togetherness as Mother Nature reveals her splendour that can only be experienced. Get set for a Kerala Honeymoon package that is bound to redefine enjoyment in the real sense.

    INR 21500 per couple Only
  • Honeymoon in Treehouse

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Thekkady Treehouse | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat - Kerala Honeymoon Treehouse
    4 Nights |5 Days

    Kerala Honeymoon Packages have always enthralled couples. Call it sheer magic, elegance or breathtaking beauty, every location is a treat in itself. Savour this special Kerala Honeymoon package with this unique combination of 3 captivating locations that entice you to see new highs of the true spirit of celebration. It is a mix of adventure, rare beauty and hypnotising delight to be in the company of nature and relish the feeling of intimacy that is bound to linger in your thoughts forever. Grab this Kerala honeymoon package and set your spirits free to cherish precious moments that would tickle your closeness always.

    INR 22900 per couple Only
  • Heavenly Kerala

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat | 1 Night Kumarakom - Kerala Honeymoon Trip Packages
    4 Nights |5 Days

    Kerala honeymoon packages are a class apart- inviting and seducing. They are bags of fun and frolic, fellowship and courtship. Guaranteed are indelible and soothing memories that arouse the romantic in you. Get a feel of this special Kerala honeymoon package amidst the naturalness of unparalleled beauty that sets you free in the company of the finest living experiences- in the lush greens, in the choicest resorts and spellbinding magic of houseboats. Be a part of a nature and feel yourself getting immersed in sheer exhilaration also known as Kerala honeymoon package. Escape into a stint of fusion that is bound to limitless joy.

    INR 21800 per couple Only
  • Romantic Retreat

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Thekkady | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat - Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages
    4 Nights |5 Days

    Kerala is inviting and so are the special spots picked up to give you the best any honeymoon package can offer. A unique combination of the calm yet majestic wilderness, the mesmerising greenery and the imposing backwaters blend in synchrony to give you the perfect aura for a truly indelible honeymoon experience. Let the partnership of a life time be fostered by the electrifying effects of sheer beauty of the engaging tea gardens, the picnic spots, fine aroma and scenic attraction of the pristine backwaters along with a boating experience that leaves you gaping in awe.

    INR 20800 per couple Only
  • Kerala Delight

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat | 2 Night Kovalam - Kerala Honeymoon Beach Packages
    5 Nights |6 Days

    Imagine a honeymoon package in God’s own country that merges greenish landscapes which treat the eyes, calm yet sublime backwaters that give you an alluring experience and rustic beaches that soothe your imagination. Let the bonding of marriage and excitement of precious private moments reverberate in you in the form of a honeymoon in exotic locations that massage your vibrant spirits to heights of enjoyment and fun, to be cherished for a lifetime. Give in to the natural beauty of a hill station whose carpeted greenery is adored, drench yourself in the unsurpassable wonder of the houseboat cruise that is uniqueness personified and break free on the sandy yet natural beaches that revitalise your senses

    INR 25600 per couple Only
  • Romantic Gateway – Kerala Package

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Thekkady | 1 Night Alleppey Houseboat | 2 Night Kovalam - Week Long Kerala Honeymoon Packages
    6 Nights |7 Days

    Transform your honeymoon in Kerala to one that lives up to its trademark of creating indelible memories through natural beauty. With cute and lively waterfalls, verdant landscapes and pulsating hillocks, composed and majestic jungles on one end to pristine and gleaming backwaters and sporty beaches on the other, this sojourn would only make you crave for a second one. Drive through abundant greenery, cruise watching the mighty yet imposing thick forest, get wafted as your houseboat cuts across the rippling curves of tranquil waters. Gape at an ambience that is unparalleled and savour the joy of a partnership that transcends the contours of imaginations.

    INR 28000 per couple Only
  • Celebrate Love at Kerala

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Thekkady | 1 Night Kumarakom Houseboat | 1 Night Alleppey - Backwater Kerala Honeymoon Trip
    5 Nights |6 Days

    The best honeymoon packages are the ones that offer exotic destinations around which a strong aura of naturality looms. Selected in true ‘eye for detail’ style, each of these locales displays mind boggling beauty and enchantment that lays back the young couples. Right from mild adventure that enlivens the newlywed minds to breathtaking looks that enrapture them, every location has its own story to say, in eclectic styles more beautiful that words can describe. Submit yourself to a stimulating massage that props up your energy as you derive enviable pleasure from a perfect honeymoon deal which truly marks the occasion, savour the traditional delicacies made to tickle your taste buds, admire the uncompromising beauty of the ripples

    INR 25800 per couple Only
  • Exotic Kerala

    2 Night Munnar | 1 Night Kumarakom Houseboat | 1 Night Alleppey | 2 Night Kovalam - Kerala Honeymoon Packages
    6 Nights |7 Days

    Water, lush greenery and beaches are visuals that appeal most to the eyes, especially when the occasion is your ideal honeymoon. Package them to perfection and watch the transformation from a mere journey to a once in a lifetime wonder. The mesmerising verdure of Munnar, the exceptional elegance of Alleppey backwaters, the matchless grandeur of the Kumarakom houseboats and the unsophisticated yet natural brilliance of Kovalam beaches take your post wedding spirits to new heights that espouse enduring relationships of a lifetime. Celebrate an occasion that makes even the most intangible dreams palpable.

    INR 28500 per couple Only

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A Kerala honeymoon package is a gift to oneself, priceless. It is an ideal platform for fun and frolic, adventure, enjoyment and relationship building. The beauty of God’s own country is enough to give a couple the best memories for life. Kerala feels, as if venerated to be a custodian of a place that epitomizes natural finesse and the unmatched charm of celestial creativity. No place on earth has possibly this undoubtedly amazing combination of a hill stations, beaches and backwaters as Kerala does. Tucked close to each other within a distance of 150 kilometers are three of the exquisitely charming honeymoon locations- Munnar Thekkady and Alleppey. These and many more make Kerala an ideal honeymoon destination for every couple. The best deals on Kerala Honeymoon packages are offered by us, without compromising on the distinguishing elements of quality and service, about which we are passionate. Every aspect of your tour is taken care of, right from the 3 star and above category of hotels that we carefully choose, the spacious vehicle we provide and the combinations of locations that we place before you. Kerala is a safe and secure honeymoon destination and our packages make this statement even better. Get a feel of how we treat you and rest assured, you would merrily come back for a second sojourn. Book your Kerala honeymoon package from the above listed popular packages and make your honeymoon memorable one.

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